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Robert Sklar, historian of film and culture

Monday | July 4, 2011   open printable version open printable version

KT, Adrienne Harris, and Robert Sklar. Beijing, 1988.

We have just learned of the death of Professor Robert Sklar after a bicycling accident.

This is a great loss. Bob was a scholar of immense energy and keen intelligence. His books will endure for a very long time, built as they are on careful scholarship and imaginative interpretation. Bob’s background in American Studies made him a pungent cultural historian of cinema long before Cultural Studies became a subfield of film studies. A researcher of old-fashioned virtues, he wrote with a transparency and vivacity that scholars seldom muster. He also didn’t shrink from political criticism, as seen in some of his work for Cineaste, a journal with which he was identified for many years.

Bob was a down-to-earth, good-humored guy. When David taught for a semester at NYU in 1979, Bob was a great boss, warning that one had to know every department’s “folkways.” When we were invited to China to lecture, the genial presence of Bob and Adrienne made it a trip we’ll always remember–not least for Bob’s daily quest to find a Times so he could check on baseball scores. This remarkable man will be much missed.

Matt Singer’s tribute to Robert Sklar is at IFC here.

PS 6 July: See also  Frances Guerin’s, Eric Kohn’s, and Jim Hoberman’s tributes to Bob.

PPS 8 July: See Richard Allen’s comprehensive tribute on the SCMS site, and the Variety story as well.

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