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Area man marries streaming service: “It has everything I’ve ever wanted”



I just told you [2] Mad City was a haven for the pure in heart.

Last October, in an outburst of cinephiliac passion, Peter Putzel, aka Wilhelm Scream, boldly proposed to FilmStruck [3]. The courtship had been ardent but aboveboard. (No patty-fingers, if you please. The proprieties at all times. [4]) Still, Peter could confess his love only hypothetically.

But FilmStruck, carried away by his sincerity, committed to a lifetime cohabiting relationship.

The wedding was presided over by our Criterion Channel [5] cohort, the Reverend  Jeff Smith [6]. You can witness the entire touching ceremony here [7].

Thanks to David Byrne (no kidding) and his FilmStruck team for their visit to Madison.