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Rhapsodes on a roll

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Key Largo (1948).

In the last week or two, my new book The Rhapsodes has been lucky enough to attract attention. There are now four reviews: one by Geoffrey O’Brien in the print edition [2] of Artforum; another by Nick Pinkerton in the print edition [3] of Sight & Sound; one online [4] by Michael Philips of the Chicago Tribune; and one online by David Hudson [5], head wrangler at Fandor. All were more generous than they needed to be, although how could I lose by quoting Ferguson, Agee, Farber, and Tyler? These guys carried me. There are some quotes from the reviews at the University of Chicago Press site. [6]

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In addition, the Library of America has run a Q & A [8] with me about the relevance of my four critics to movie criticism today. Thanks to Jeff Tompkins for handling this.

Coming up, here in NYC:

*An evening of discussion and book-signing at Videology [9] at 7 PM on 9 June!

*Screenings of four films related to the book at the American Museum of the Moving Image [10], 25-26 June!

Thanks to Erik Luers of Videology and David Schwartz of MoMI for arranging these events. If you’re in the neighborhood, why not drop by?

P. S. 6 May: Thanks to Fiona Pleasance for updating my S & S link.