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Two quick, overdue announcements

Yongkwan 500 [1]

Lee Yongkwan.

DB here:

The first, only slightly overdue: Tony Rayns [2] criticizes the ongoing efforts to dismiss [3]Busan Festival Co-Director Lee Yongkwan. Tony’s open letter is at Geoff Gardner’s estimable blog. [4]

As far as I can tell, this turn of events has scarcely been covered in the English-language film press. Mr. Lee  has been beleaguered for some time. The initial pressure on him [5] goes back to 2014, and his response [6] came early the following year. A spring 2015 meeting of South Korean filmmakers defending him is reported here [7].

The second announcement is that Peter Labuza, mastermind of the Cinephiliacs [8], has mounted two podcast interviews with us. The one with Kristin is here [9], the one with me is here [10]. We thank Peter for asking us to participate, and we hope that people think our comments are worth a listen.

Busan 2015 [11]

Opening ceremony, Busan International Film Festival, 2015.