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Cinematic storytelling: A podcast on narrative


The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).

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Michael Neelsen is a filmmaker and consultant based here in Madison. In a discussion on ReelFanatics [2] Michael and I consider some ideas about cinematic storytelling. My allergies gave me some Clintonesque hoarseness, and there are some things I’d rephrase better if I were writing them down, but maybe you’ll find something of interest there.

A couple of blog entries are relevant to our conversation: one on The Wolf of Wall Street [3] and another on American Hustle [4]. The first of these links to a general analysis of film narrative originally published in Poetics of Cinema and available elsewhere on the site [5]. Our discussion of suspense and surprise harks back to other entries too, in particular those about Hitchcock and the bomb under the table (here [6] and here [7]). In the podcast I mention the Godard film Adieu au langage as well because I was then working on this blog entry [8].

You can also visit Michael’s company site StoryFirst [9].

Thanks to Michael for an enjoyable discussion, and for sharing it via podcast.