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Roger Ebert


Roger Ebert at 4 Star Video Heaven, Madison, Wisconsin, 2003.

Kristin and David:

Roger died today. We can’t do him justice in such short compass, but we do want to acknowledge him and his life. He was an unstinting friend to us, and a great and good force in American film culture.

The Sun-Times obituary is here [2].

Later 4 April: Jim Emerson’s personal tribute is here [3].

5 April: Chaz Ebert’s statement is here [4].

6 April: Jim Emerson has gathered a constantly expanding collection of tributes here [5].

7 April: Rodney Powell of the University of Chicago Press offers recollections here [6].


Roger and Chaz Ebert, Ebertfest, Urbana, Illinois, 2010.